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 The Ultimate Girlfriend Experience

A touch of Aubrey

It's time for you to be pampered, to be looked after in every way imaginable. You deserve it, you work hard and should be spoiled rotten for all that effort. Let me steal you for a brief moment, heat you up to unbearable sexual tension and then wind you down with some sensual body on body cuddling. You will always find me pressed and polished, I spend time each day making sure my body is smooth and inviting for your pleasure. My turquoise eyes are shaded by lusciously long eyelashes, my bitten lips begging for a passionate kiss. I have buttery soft, lightly tanned skin that is stretched beautifully over my 5'6 frame, my youthful heart shaped face is very feminine and draws many compliments.

Don't be swayed by my innocent features though, my mind is mature and my voice reaches to many topics. I enjoy trading wit in a casual banter, conversation is an equal turn on for me. You will find my space very clean and comfortable to unwind in, a place where you can let your fantasies unfold, I keep a very open mind both in bed and out.

  Aubs xoxo